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British blockchain tech company, Opis Group has begun expansion of its non-fungible token (NFT) play-to-earn (P2E) game, OpiPets, to Africa starting with six countries.

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British blockchain tech company, Opis Group has begun the process of extending their OpiPets game to the African continent starting with six countries. The countries currently targeted for this expansion were selected based on how fast blockchain innovations are being adopted and here’s who made the list:
South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Tanzania. 

Understanding the OpiPets game. 

OpiPets is a free-to-play, play to earn (P2E), role-playing online game that rewards players with cryptocurrency and the chance to build, battle, acquire, and trade their own uniquely generated NFT characters as OpiPets. 


If you’ve ever been stuck on a certain level of a game and been prompted to “buy lives” or had a child accidentally purchased a game or game tokens using your payment card, then the concept of free to play should appeal to you. The OpiPets game allows you to play without connecting any wallet to their accounts from the start.

Role-playing game. 

As a role-playing game, players can assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. The characters in this case are the OpiPets which the company website explains as 60 different possible pets with thousands of skins, textures, colors, and wearables alongside different characters’ stances as well as facial expressions that can be customized and personalized.


Play-to-earn is a type of gaming where players can transfer in-game virtual assets to the real world. This is a reversal of the common pay-to-play model where real world money is used to unlock levels, buy in-game coins, lives or do anything else within a game. With OpiPets, in-game tokens and cryptocurrencies earned can be exchanged for fiat as a reward for time and effort. 

Play to Learn

From our early development years, games have always been a good way to learn about new things and this is being explored to have OpiPets increase knowledge of NFTs. As users build their characters and go through the game, players and developers will be exposed to information and tips that will widen their understanding of NFTs as well as being given a platform to interact with fellow crypto and gaming enthusiasts. 

OpiPets’ parent company Opis Group is on a mission to lower the barriers to adoption that currently prevent blockchain games from becoming mainstream in Africa and on a global scale. Some key features of the game highlighting this intention include the following:

Decentralised Computing

Any (online) gamer will tell you that one of the most painful things is losing your progress because a server went down.While traditional gaming has a significant reliance on single servers, incidents of failure leave those depending on it vulnerable to data loss.

OpiPets relies on a decentralized network distributed around a worldwide audience giving gamers greater reliability and security than a centralized system.

Time is Money.

While in traditional gaming, gamers spend a lot of time gaining points & in-game assets with no real-world value or ownership, OpiPets rewards players with cryptocurrency and the ability to sell their unique NFT OpiPet characters.

With Africa prioritized in the Opis Group expansion, gamers and NFT fans on the continent will be able to earn both passive and active income from the OpiPets game. As they join the community, users can participate in game development and earn tokens and cryptocurrencies with real-world value without paying any upfront fees.

Passive Income

The OpiPets application will be free to use and is said to only utilize a small percentage of a mobile device’s CPU when charging or just idle. This allows people to earn cryptocurrency passively without  needing a massive investment in hardware or incurring the high electrical costs. 

Game Ownership

While traditionally large gaming companies and platforms tend to retain the value from their games, Opis Games gives a share of the benefits to players involved in making the game successful. By utilizing blockchain technology, players’ contributions are stored securely so that they can retain credit for making such changes on top of continuing to earn from them.

To tap into growing communities of cryptocurrency and NFT advocates on the continent, Opis Group has brought on a Nigerian marketing executive, Babatunde Ayomide as a growth & marketing lead for Africa in a show of the company’s commitment to onboard the largest markets in Africa.

Babatunde is quoted saying “We want all gamers and even blockchain unbelievers to see the benefits that can be harnessed from crypto & NFTs. The best way to do this is to help them earn as they play.”
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