Introducing MacBook Mania!

To celebrate the launch of their referral program for Perp V2 (which is open for everyone to join), Perpetual Protocol will be running a competition where you can win 1 of 30 new 14” MacBook Pros and Perpetual Protocol merch!

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Overview of MacBook Mania

Starting on February 18th, we’ll be running a competition for referral partners and referred traders over the course of two weeks. At the conclusion of the event, the top 5 referral partners will be eligible for prizes, while other winners will be randomly selected from the set of qualified referral partners and referred traders. Note: we have the right to disqualify those who are found to be cheating.

🏆 Total prize pool: 30 new 14” MacBook Pros and 1,000 Perpetual Protocol t-shirts!

📆 Period: MacBook Mania starts at 3am UTC, Feb 18 and ends 3am UTC, Mar 4.

💻 Winners:

  • 20 MacBook Pros: 20 eligible referral partners picked at random
  • 5 MacBook Pros: Top 5 referral partners
  • 5 MacBook Pros: 5 eligible referral traders picked at random
  • 1,000 Perp T-shirts: First 1,000 traders

💌 Prizes distribution: For MacBook Pro winners, we will send qualified winners an Apple gift card to make their purchase; For Perp merch winners, a gift card to our merch store will be sent.

There’ll be two ways you can enter the competition:

  1. Enter as a Referral Partner
  2. Enter as a Referred Trader

Requirements for Referral Partners

Both new and existing referral partners are able to enter the giveaway. Signing up as a referral partner is very easy. It can be done within a minute with only 5 steps. Follow the walkthrough here or visit https://referral.perp.com/ to begin.

To become eligible for the giveaway, you must:

  • Refer a minimum of 10 new traders using your unique referral link between 3am UTC, Feb 18–3am UTC, Mar 4,
  • At least 10 of your new referred traders must each generate at least $5,000 in trading volume
  • Tweet out a promotional post for your referral link
  • At least 10 of your qualified traders must reply to your promotional tweet with an ETH address that we will verify
  • DM us on Twitter your promotional tweet thread when you qualify
  • Like and retweet Perp’s announcement tweet

Prizes for Referral Partners

Out of the eligible referral partners, 25 will win the new 14” MacBook Pros as prizes!

The top 5 referral partners will be awarded MacBooks, based on who has referred the most traders (they must conduct $5,000 or more in volume). Another 20 MacBooks will be awarded via random selection.

You can check all of your referral stats here.

Requirements for Referred Traders

To become eligible for the giveaway, you must:

  • Generate at least $5,000 in trading volume using a referral code between 3am UTC, Feb 18 and ends 3am UTC, Mar 4
  • After using a referral code, paste your ETH address as a reply to the referral partner’s tweet (you must like and retweet the partner’s tweet as well)
  • Like and retweet Perp’s announcement tweet

Start Trading Here: https://app.perp.com/

Prize for Referred Traders

We’re also rewarding traders who are new to Perpetual Protocol!

We’re giving away 5 new 14” MacBook Pros to referred traders who qualify via random selection.

The first 1,000 new traders to sign up through a referral link from 3am UTC, Feb 18 to 3am UTC, Mar 4 will receive a Perp-branded t-shirt by receiving a gift card to use in our merchandise store. No trades have to be made for the t-shirt.

More Details About the V2 Referral Program

To get started, create your own referral code by visiting referral.perp.com and connect with your MetaMask wallet via the Optimism Network. Click on ‘I am a referrer’, enter your referral code and then click on ‘Create’. You can then promote your referral code to increase your earnings.

The major benefit of joining our referral program is that you can earn PERP for bringing new traders to Perp V2!

The more trading fees your referred traders generate, the greater your rewards. To see how many PERP tokens you can earn, check out the table below. Earnings are based on the trading fees generated by your referred traders, which is then multiplied by a rebate percentage (based on your staked PERP) and we sum these figures across all of your referred traders. All referral rewards are calculated at 00:00 UTC each Sunday with PERP rewards being paid out via the Optimism network.

While the new program will be open to everyone, we’ll also be introducing two VIP tiers, which offer a rebate of up to 55% for referral partners who meet two requirements:

  1. Exclusivity to Perpetual Protocol in the area of decentralized derivatives, and
  2. Minimum fee generation from referral traders.

Note: Traders who want to trade directly with the contract will need to supply the “referralCode” argument to the position methods on the contract.

By using a referral code, referred traders enjoy a 20% rebate on their trading fees with a cap based on the number of PERP tokens they have staked (shown by the table below).

We want to thank everyone in advance for taking part in our referral competition and we wish you good luck. If you have any questions about the competition or our new referral program, please feel free to contact us via Discord!

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