Out of Africa NFT Collection is paving the way for Fine Artists.

Starting in February 2022, this project, created by Invictus NFT Lab, will bring the best traditional Southern African artists to the NFT stage

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The Out of Africa NFT series defies expectations in a world where the digital economy appears to rule out physical artworks. Starting in February 2022, this project, created by Invictus NFT Lab, will bring the best traditional Southern African artists to the NFT stage!

Out of Africa is, in essence, a link between the physical and digital worlds. Collectors can now join the Fine Art community as well – an area that was previously thought to be exclusive.

Let’s look at how to explore real-life modern art in a digital format, from striking portraits to vivid colors and fresh themes.

Innovative Technology offering artists a new audience


Understanding the NFT collections making headlines around the world requires innovation. NFT artists are beginning to comprehend the durability of projects within the crypto world, from humorous Bored Apes to play-to-earn collections like Love Monsters.

With a unique royalty model made possible by this breakthrough technology, Invictus Capital is integrating the greatest of fine art with blockchain technology to attract more top-rated talent into the scene.

As more wealth is passed down to younger generations who are already familiar with blockchain technology, it will become increasingly crucial for artists to collaborate with NFT galleries and collectors who are leading the charge and forming communities around NFT collections. In a world where many people are at risk of slipping behind when it comes to the use of new technology, it’s critical that artists have platforms and organizations with which they can collaborate to promote their work and learn more about the possibilities that cooperation opens up.

Out of Africa NFT Artworks

Out of Africa is a collection of 118 NFT renderings of actual artworks by the best artists from Southern Africa. Each digital element is associated with the original work of art. As a result, the NFTs act as a proof of ownership for the real-life works of art. Original Artwork NFTs are the name for these digital assets (O-NFTs).

Out of Africa, in a nutshell, is a colorful bridge that connects the physical and digital art worlds. This revolutionary idea demonstrates that, thanks to the power of non-fungible tokens, we can now appreciate artworks in various formats.

The strength of the region’s diversity — not only in culture but also in artistic style — shines through in Robert Slingsby’s use of ancient geometry to celebrate African heritage, Matthew Hindley’s poetic brushstrokes, Janko de Beer’s fantastical sculptures (with the King of Morocco as a notable fan), Blessing Ngobeni’s inspiring story of redemption and his art’s brave socio-political commentary, or Olivié Keck’s pop-culture

The project begins with the distribution of NFT posters to interested parties and concludes in February with an auction of NFT representations of the original, tangible artworks. These NFTs function as a certificate of ownership, with the option of receiving the original artwork.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, are one-of-a-kind products that cannot be replaced. They can refer to anything digital, including images, videos, metaverse land, recorded sounds, and even tweets. The distinction between fungible and non-fungible is a simple example that is frequently used to understand NFTs. Fungible currency is one that can be exchanged for another to produce the same result. A one-of-a-kind piece of digital art, on the other hand, is non-fungible. You’d get something altogether different if you traded it for another piece of art.

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