Ghana Ranks 9th In Global Cryptocurrency Ownership Out Of 27 Countries

Approximately 17.3% of Ghanaian adults own some form of cryptocurrency, totaling 3.1 million individuals, exceeding the global average of 15%

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Finder.com’s latest Cryptocurrency Adoption Index revealed Ghana’s significant position as the 9th country out of 27 in terms of cryptocurrency ownership. Among 27 nations surveyed, Vietnam led with 29% ownership among adults, while Ghana secured a notable 17% ownership rate. Placing just behind countries like Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Malaysia, Ghana outranks others such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Norway, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and more.

Before delving deeper, let’s understand cryptocurrency better. A cryptocurrency, commonly referred to as ‘crypto,’ is a digital currency designed to operate as a medium of exchange over a computer network. Interestingly, cryptos function independently of any central authority, be it a government or a bank.

As individuals own these digital assets, ownership records are maintained in a digital ledger secured through robust cryptography. Notably, cryptocurrencies don’t necessarily manifest as physical entities but operate purely in the digital realm. Their decentralized nature sets them apart from Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

The workings of most cryptocurrencies involve a blockchain system. These computer networks handle transaction processing and maintain a chronological database by organizing transactions into ‘blocks’ connected in an unbroken ‘chain.’ Initially centralized upon creation, cryptocurrencies later shift to a decentralized control system using distributed ledger technology.

Wondering why so many people worldwide invest in intangible assets? Supporters perceive cryptos as the currency of the future, investing in anticipation of future value escalation. Their appeal lies in the absence of governmental or banking control and the increasing value they offer.

Returning to Ghana’s status, approximately 17.3% of Ghanaian adults own some form of cryptocurrency, totaling 3.1 million individuals, exceeding the global average of 15%. Bitcoin emerges as the most prevalent, owned by 52.1% of cryptocurrency holders, followed by Ethereum (18.1%), Dogecoin (19.7%), and Ripple (13.4%).

Younger demographics display heightened interest in cryptocurrency ownership globally. In Ghana, 70.4% of owners fall between 18 to 34 years old, showcasing a substantial interest among the youth, with 16.6% aged 34 to 54 and 13% above 55 years old.

Often overlooked, Africa emerges as a significant market for cryptocurrencies due to its comparatively higher inflation rates. Facing inflationary pressures, individuals opt for cryptocurrencies owing to their decentralized structure. This trend has contributed to Ghana’s declining inflation rates over recent years.

The increasing interest among Ghanaians in cryptocurrencies aligns logically with the country’s economic landscape. Africa, as a whole, presents an ideal environment for cryptocurrency adoption. Moreover, investing in cryptocurrencies or transacting with them is gaining traction, with sellers accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Notably, financial giants like PayPal have introduced cryptocurrency transaction options, underlining the sector’s immense potential and justifying Ghana’s growing adoption of this intriguing mode of transactions.

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