Kucoin Ventures Backs TON Ecosystem With Grant Support

The partnership between TON foundation and Kucoin Ventures marks a significant leap forward in advancing mini-app development.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Kucoin Ventures, the investment wing of Kucoin, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a strategic collaboration with The Open Network (TON) Foundation. The partnership aims to contribute a substantial grant toward fortifying and expanding the TON ecosystem. This move is intended to support the development of five innovative “TON-based mini-apps” focusing on advancements in payments or Gamefi within the realm of Web3, as outlined in an official press release.

Notably, initiatives like the Future3 Campus and the TON Bootcamp, both integral parts of the TON ecosystem, are among the beneficiaries slated to receive funding from this grant. Furthermore, a portion of the grant will be dedicated to amplifying marketing endeavors aimed at raising awareness about the TON blockchain.

Expressing his views on this collaboration, Ian W, the Accelerator Head at TON Foundation, remarked, “The partnership with Kucoin Ventures marks a significant leap forward in advancing mini-app development within The Open Network. Through impactful programs like the Future3 Campus Bootcamp and the support extended by Kucoin Ventures, we’re propelling real-world blockchain solutions in payments and gaming within the TON ecosystem.”

According to a statement from a TON Foundation executive, Kucoin Ventures’ efforts are in alignment with TON’s vision of fostering a more accessible and decentralized digital future.

Alicia Kao, Managing Director of Kucoin, emphasized that the alliance with TON is in sync with their organizational mission, stating, “Our collaboration with TON resonates with our goal of fostering further advancements in the crypto and blockchain industry through closer collaboration.”

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