Ennova Holdings Unleashes Upgrade “TIER” to Transform Africa’s Financial Landscape through Blockchain Innovation

Ennova Holdings has set out on a mission to solve the issues of migrant workers in Africa front-on by developing revolutionary blockchain solutions via the TIER app.

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In a resounding stride towards combating financial inequality in Africa, Ennova Holdings has announced the launch of the upgraded version of their ‘TIER’ app. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing financial possibilities through blockchain innovation, the organization is poised to empower individuals across the continent like never before.

Migrant workers in Africa frequently face significant challenges, such as being unable to bank owing to documentation concerns or having to pay high remittance costs. Ennova Holdings has set out on a mission to solve these issues front-on by developing revolutionary blockchain solutions via the TIER app. Their long-term goal is to tokenize assets for direct payments while also championing education and empowerment.

Ennova Holdings’ strategy is built around education. Recognising that knowledge is the key to unlocking Africa’s blockchain potential, the organisation is on a mission to teach blockchain technology to the youth of Africa and Asia. This effort aims to develop a new generation of leaders capable of guiding Africa towards economic prosperity and social cohesion.

The TIER app, at its core, is a multi-tiered solution offering user-friendly payment and remittance options that outshine traditional services notorious for their high fees. Deposit-only ATMs, facial recognition payments, and intuitive interfaces are among the features designed to make financial transactions accessible and rewarding for all.

CEO Ashiek Anandhaw emphasized the organization’s mission saying, “Ennova Holdings exists to create financial innovation for a sustainable future. With each step taken, every partnership forged, and every innovation introduced, we remain steadfast in our mission to redefine financial freedom, ushering in an era of shared prosperity for the youth of Africa and beyond.”

Ennova Holdings’ vision transcends geographical boundaries, as the organization plans to extend its impact to Southeast Asia. Their overarching goal is to cultivate an ecosystem that encompasses education, incubation, and empowerment across both African and Asian markets.

Currently, the AUC token serves as the utility token for the Advanced project, adhering to the ERC-20 standard. However, Ennova Holdings is poised to lead financial innovation by initiating testnet launches by the end of this year, with a mainnet conversion scheduled in the form of a hard fork during the first quarter of 2024.

Ennova Holdings’ long-term goal is to build a global credit rating agency focused on the unbanked population. This effort intends to close international financial gaps and promote financial inclusion, emphasising the organization’s commitment to transforming the financial environment in Africa and beyond.

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