Ethereum Layer 2 Hosts Meetups In Nairobi And Lagos

Ethereum Layer 2 solutions are set to take center stage at a series of meetups to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria.

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Exciting news for Africa’s blockchain enthusiasts! Ethereum Layer 2 is taking the spotlight at meetups in Nairobi and Lagos, following the trailblazing visit of Vitalik Buterin earlier this year. These events promise to revolutionize the continent’s blockchain landscape by bringing together leaders from various Layer 2 projects.

Africa has emerged as a hotbed of blockchain interest and adoption, offering solutions to social and economic challenges. Recognizing its importance, Vitalik’s trip fostered connections within vibrant blockchain communities across the continent.

The upcoming Layer 2 meetup in Nairobi starting on July 26th to 28th and Lagos scheduled for July 30th to August 1st aims to build direct channels between Layer 2 infrastructures and the African blockchain community. The meetup will be a vibrant hub of knowledge exchange, organized by Borderless Africa in collaboration with local communities and educators.

The event’s agenda features community meetups, developer workshops, and founder fireside chats. Enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs will have a platform to engage, share ideas, and collaborate on Layer 2 technologies.

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