Meme Coin Economy Grows By $759M In 30 Days

The top meme cryptocurrency assets, as ranked by market capitalization, have increased in value by $759 million over the past 30 days. Dogecoin (DOGE), leading the pack of meme coins, has risen more than 10% in the past 30 days.

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The meme coin economy continues to demonstrate remarkable growth, reaching a valuation of $16.29 billion, a substantial increase from $15.54 billion just a month ago on June 22. This surge represents a gain of over $759 million, equivalent to 4.82% against the U.S. dollar within the top meme coin economy.

Leading the charge, Dogecoin has witnessed an impressive 10% surge over the past 30 days and a 1.3% rise in the past week against the U.S. dollar. With a market valuation of $10.12 billion, Dogecoin currently holds a dominant 62.12% share of the entire meme coin economy.

Meanwhile, SHIB has shown moderate gains of 1% against the U.S. dollar in the last month but experienced a slight loss of 2.7% in the past week. With a market valuation of $4.61 billion, SHIB accounts for 28.29% of the overall value of the meme coin economy. Together, Dogecoin and SHIB represent an impressive 90.41% of the total meme coin market.

Pepe (PEPE) emerges as the third-largest meme coin asset, experiencing a 1.6% increase in value over the past month. However, PEPE faced a 7.6% dip in the past week. Its market valuation stands at $628 million, contributing 3.85% to the overall meme coin economy.

In the last 24 hours, global trade volume within the meme coin economy reached $528 million. Notably, kabosu inu (KABOSU), 3d3d (3D3D), and pepemon pepeballs (PPBLZ) emerged as the top three performers on Sunday, showcasing gains ranging from 9.9% to an astounding 210%.

Conversely, shibaken finance (SHIBAKEN), cheems inu (CINU), and Dingocoin (DINGO) experienced declines against the U.S. dollar, ranging between 7% and 22% in the past day. In terms of 24-hour volume, DOGE takes the lead, followed closely by SHIB and PEPE, with FLOKI securing the fourth position in this weekend’s meme coin market. The thriving meme coin economy continues to be an intriguing area to watch, attracting both traders and enthusiasts with its dynamic and unpredictable nature.

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