Kampala To Host Blockchain DevFest 2023

The second edition of the Kampala Blockchain DevFest will be hosted on June 24th at MOTIV. The Blockchain meetup seeks to bring together experts and developers to discuss opportunities in blockchain.

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A few years ago, the term “blockchain technology” was not widely used. Today, we hear much about its use in most sectors. In some cases, the terms blockchain and cryptocurrency have been used interchangeably. For many, the benefit of using blockchain is the security it provides to data and the ability to protect data even if a specific node is compromised and that is why it has the potential to revolutionize various sectors.

 In Uganda, we are witnessing a significant range of blockchain applications being implemented from enabling micropayment systems to digital identity management to smart contracts. Therefore, there is no doubt that blockchain-based solutions can leapfrog traditional or non-existent technology infrastructures in the country and the continent at large. 

As the country steadily adopts and experiences this new technological tidal wave, the crypto community in Kampala is hosting Blockchain DevFest 2023 on 24th June, an event that will bring together industry experts, developers, enterprises, and enthusiasts to discuss the opportunities in the blockchain industry. The event is to be hosted at MoTIV.

According to David Lumala, one of the organizers, this will be a more informative event building on the foundations of the 2022 edition and the progress made in the past year in the industry. The discussions at the event will also educate enthusiasts about Web3 opportunities in Uganda. 

“The event will include firesides with experts, break-out sessions, agenda debates with regulators, developer talks and pitches, media panel discussions and sessions, and hackathons among others,” he noted.

Furthermore, the event sessions will also explore the role of Web3 and blockchain in a wide array of fields including but not limited to Finance, Social well-being, Gaming, Healthcare, Agriculture, Insurance, Government, Sports, and Entertainment.

The first edition of the Kampala Blockchain DevFest was hosted last year in July. To sign up for the event, register via devfestkampala.com.  

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