Binance introduces Web3 education to the Australian Federal Police

Crypto exchange, Binance recently introduced crypto and Web3 education to the Australian Federal Police.

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Crypto exchange, Binance has been at the forefront of spreading knowledge and information about crypto, especially to law enforcement agencies. Recently, the exchange platform introduced blockchain and cryptocurrency education to the Australian Federal Police.

According to Binance, the crypto educational workshop which had in attendance representatives from the Australian Federal Police is part of its global contribution to collaborate and help law enforcement agencies to curb crypto crimes and protect users in the industry.

Since 2020, there has been huge support for blockchain by the Australian Government with a $5.6 million grant given to blockchain firms in the same year. In a quest to curb potential crypto theft, the Police department created a cryptocurrency unit in September 2020.

Stefan Jerga, the head of the new unit, noted that the increase in the use of crypto for criminal activities was alarming and there is a need to have a dedicated team to tackle it. 

“It’s targeting assets, but it’s also providing that valuable, investigative tracing capability and lens for all of our commands across all of our businesses,” Jerga stated.

After advocating for crypto education for years, Binance introduced the Global Law Enforcement Training Program in September 2022 to educate law enforcement agencies all over the world on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and how to handle illegal activity related to it.

According to Binance, the training will be implemented by a team of experienced professionals such as security experts and former law enforcement officers that have assisted in dealing with criminal platforms such as Silkroad and Hydra. The design is a one-day training program with physical workshops on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, legal issues, and anti-money laundering policies.

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