KuCoin Labs Launches Incubation Program For Blockchain Builders

KuCoin Labs recently announced the launch of its incubation program, to accelerate builders and enable sustainable growth and success in the blockchain space.

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In order to accelerate building and enable sustainable growth and success in the blockchain field, KuCoin Labs, the incubation and research arm of KuCoin, has announced the launch of a long-term incubation program.

According to KuCoin, the first season which is the “Astro Selection” will be an eight-week journey focusing specifically on Gamefi, NFT, and Metaverse, with the best-selected projects participating. The builders who are interested in the incubation program can apply online before 31st December, to get diversified support from KuCoin labs and mentors.

The Incubation Program aims to gather a community of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, supporting developers and builders to achieve rapid growth and transformation in the blockchain industry.  It also aims to foster industry-changing development and support early-stage innovation projects.

KuCoin also noted that the incubation will include five main components. These include a dedicated eight-week journey, all-around guidance, a strong mentor line-up, additional investment, and abundant networking resources.

KuCoin Labs was established by KuCoin to identify, empower and incubate various blockchain entrepreneurs, projects, and global communities by providing financing to industry projects and further expand the blockchain ecosystem.

The incubation and research arm is committed to supporting fast-executing, technical teams that have a positive impact on the overall blockchain space and the building of the decentralized world. 

The KuCoin Labs Incubation Program is receiving support from MoonRock Capital, Vertu, CDH Investment, IOBC Capital, Matrix Partners, and other leading institutions.

Builders interested in the incubation program can apply online here.

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