Furex technologies unveils key features on P2P App

Lagos-based cryptocurrency and blockchain service provider, FUREX technologies has announced some key features that users should look forward to in their soon-to-be-released P2P app.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Furex Technologies, a provider of cryptocurrency and blockchain services, has revealed several important features that users can expect from their upcoming P2P app.

Fure Eviosekwofa, CEO of FUREX Technologies, highlighted that a 2022 analysis by Chainalysis showed that Sub-Saharan Africa is distinct from other regions due to its retail industry and excessive use of P2P platforms.

He said, “Retail-sized transfers below $10,000 make up 6.4 percent of its transaction volume, more than any other region. The role of retail becomes even more apparent when we look at the number of individual transfers. Retail transfers make up 95 percent of all transfers, and if we drill down to just small retail transfers under $1,000, the share becomes 80 percent, more than any other region.”

He further stated, “P2P exchanges account for six percent of all cryptocurrency transaction volume in Africa, more than double the share of the next-closest region, Central and Southern Asia and Oceania. And no other market is as viable to launch a P2P product than Africa, with our unique needs and use cases.”

Eviosekwofa went on to list that the three features users should expect from the FUREX P2P App launching soon are buying and selling crypto in two steps, 24/7 customer service, and the best rates in the market.

He stated, “On the FUREXP2P app, Users can buy and sell their preferred digital assets quickly. Anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies or gift cards can do it in only two easy steps, regardless of skill level.”

“Round-the-clock customer support service for customers isn’t new to the company. The FUREX 24/7 customer support team is highly trained and equipped to handle customers’ complaints and inquiries at any time of the day. This demonstrates a positive commitment to customers in an industry where this particular organizational trait is seriously lacking. Additionally, with the new FUREX app, customers can get the best rates when buying and selling their digital assets like crypto and gift cards. This is one of the unique selling points of the platform, according to Fure. On the FUREX P2P, users can always be sure to buy low and sell high every time they use the app, ” Eviosekwofa further explained.

He also emphasized how well-trained and prepared the FUREX 24/7 customer care team is to deal with client complaints and inquiries at any time of day. In a sector where this particular organizational quality is sorely missing, this shows a positive dedication to customers.

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