DIFX Partners With eZaga To Launch Centralised Exchange Platform, DoshFX

Fully secured centralized exchange, DIFX has officially partnered with eZaga, South Africa’s premier digital banking platform, to set up a new regional centralized crypto platform, DoshFX.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Digital Financial Exchange known as DIFX, an EU-regulated centralized exchange (CEX), disrupting the financial industry by bridging digital and traditional assets, has officially partnered with the South African digital banking platform eZaga to launch DoshFX. DoshFX is a premier African centralized exchange that provides a secure way of trading cryptocurrencies.

The partnership is to drive DIFX’s mission of expanding its services and accelerating blockchain adoption through the African continent.

Since its inception in 2014, eZaga has been a leader in offering unbanked and informal sector financial solutions through cutting-edge tools and services that empower people to revolutionize how they manage their finances through mobile technology.

Over the past 2 years alone, the African continent has become a well-developed crypto market that has seen deep penetration and integration of cryptocurrency into everyday financial activities for many users. In fact, the Chainalysis report for June 2022 showed that Sub-Saharan Africa was the overall leader in retail crypto transfers, accounting for 80.1% of the global regional transactions.


DoshFX will serve as an exclusive multi-asset trading platform for users from the African continent and will help increase the rate of crypto adoption found in the region. DoshFX has also been established to improve financial services around the continent with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and traditional assets.

In order to reach a large audience of cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts, the new platform will make use of the banking and cryptocurrency solutions provided by both parent organizations. Furthermore, the unique partnership allows all eZaga users to open an account on DoshFX without any additional KYC requirements and have access to a secure custodian wallet.

Speaking about the partnership, DIFX CEO & Co-Founder Jeetu Kataria stated “Our primary mission as DIFX is to provide a robust trading platform for our global users so that we can increase the acceptance and adoption of blockchain and digital assets in a secure and transparent manner. We want to foster a world where payments and financial management are done with the ease of your fingertips.”

“For us, the creation of DoshFX is an extension of the DIFX mission of forging a blockchain future along with our commitment as a member of the digital space to take part in helping the industry with its adoption and bring financial inclusion to all people, especially the unbanked majority, through various digital assets,” Kataria added.

Saud Ally, CEO & Founder of eZaga also stated “The creation of DoshFX is a needed service for the African continent, as the growth of adoption in the region is unbelievable. With this new venture, we want to expand eZaga’s banking capabilities and give our existing users a platform to leverage blockchain and digital assets.” 

Ally  added, “DoshFX and eZaga are working together with DIFX to create a new infrastructure that will make money move instantly, identify users, and allow them to connect to bank accounts and credit cards.”

Both the respective founders concluded by sharing that their mutual passion for investing in South Africa’s innovation layer and developing DoshFX to act as a foundation for all future developments and blockchain scalability within the continent.

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