7 Best books about Bitcoin and Blockchain

Just in time to help you bring your crypto investment plans to life, we have the best books for you to learn more.

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New year, new resolutions and with the increased popularity around Bitcoin in Uganda, most of us have plans to invest some money in Crypto. Just in time to help you bring those resolutions to life, we have the best books for you to learn more about Crypto currencies.

  1. Digital Gold, Nathaniel Popper

Nearly everything else you’d want to know about the creation and early rise of the leading cryptocurrency is included in Digital Gold. Nathaniel Popper’s book, which was recently revised in 2016 with a new epilogue, begins with early exchanges between Nakamoto and his far-flung associates and then follows Bitcoin through famous events such as the Mt. Gox exchange breach and the shutdown of the illicit Silk Road marketplace. 

  1. The Infinite Machine, Camila Ruso

The Infinite Machine is the first book devoted to the Ethereum blockchain’s history. The Infinite Machine is Ethereum’s equivalent of Bitcoin’s Digital Gold. The intriguing story of Ethereum’s “army of crypto-hackers,” its eight founding members, is meticulously researched and masterfully related in this book. 

Russo explains how one of them, Charles Hoskinson, who went on to develop Cardano, had a radically different vision for Ethereum, and how Ethereum’s main creator Vitalik Buterin—who was just 20 years old at the time—made the crucial decisions that would decide the platform’s destiny. Ethereum’s founding, feuds, hair-raising hacks, and hard forks, as well as its incredible growth and importance in the future of the Internet, are all expertly covered by Russo. Anyone interested in Ethereum or DeFi should read The Infinite Machine.

  1. Bubble or Revolution? Neel Mehta, Adi Agashe, and Parth Detroja

This is the book for you if you’re absolutely new to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Bubble or Revolution aids in the crystallization of some very difficult topics in an approachable and understandable manner. It’s a great place to start your crypto education, since it covers everything from the origins of Bitcoin to the basics and applications of blockchain technology, as well as a basic understanding of altcoins, crypto-economics, and expanding commercial usage.

  1. Bitcoin Billionaires, Ben Mezrich

Bitcoin Billionaires continues up where Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionaires left off, with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss receiving a multi-million-dollar settlement from Facebook and embarking on a new venture: investing in this strange new thing called Bitcoin. Mezrich follows the evolution of the cryptocurrency space, from the ragtag cypherpunks and libertarians who were drawn to Bitcoin in its early days to the suited-and-booted bankers and investors who sought to put a veneer of respectability on top of crypto’s chaotic subculture.

  1. Out of the Ether, Matthew Leising

Out of the Ether is a book on Ethereum and a book about Ethereum. On the one hand, it follows Vitalik Buterin as he takes his brilliant idea from concept to execution with a broad group of allies—and owing to interviews with numerous co-founders, the disputes and personality clashes are beautifully portrayed.

But it’s also about The DAO’s massive 2016 hack, which was the greatest ETH project of its time and the reason why modern-day Ethereum split from Ethereum Classic. The book discusses Ethereum’s beginnings and the existential threat that threatened to ruin its destiny.

  1. The Sovereign Individual, James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg

This handbook to the then-nascent information revolution, written in the late 1990s, is shockingly predictive in several ways. It foresees the introduction of “cybercurrencies,” the rise of charismatic demagogues in politics around the world, and the emergence of state and non-state “cybersoldiers” who use “logic bombs” to target infrastructure, among other things. 

The basic thesis of the book is that the Internet’s technology and decentralized digital money will usher in a paradigm shift as people relocate their assets into the digital sphere, out of reach of the taxman. It claims that without the authority to raise taxes, nation-states will split, with governments effectively becoming service providers to this new elite.

  1. King of Crypto, Jeff John Roberts

The origin story of the blockchain that started DeFi is told in Infinite Machine, whereas Kings of Crypto is the equivalent of Coinbase, the first major crypto firm in the United States. Despite the real issues crypto purists have about Coinbase’s current state, it remains the industry’s closest thing to a household name, the service that “normies” are most likely to utilize when they’re ready to buy some Bitcoin, and hence the best firm to use to explain the emergence of crypto.

You can find some of these books at all leading book stores in Uganda or you can purchase them on Amazon.

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