Google cloud becomes a Solana validator

Google Cloud will join the Solana network and incorporate Solana into its diverse range of products and services. The company will now run a Solana validator, bringing the blockchain node engine to the Solana chain.

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Google is stepping toward other blockchains after revealing the Blockchain Node Engine at the end of October.  Google Cloud recently tweeted that the firm is already running a Solana validator. 

The company added, “Google Cloud is working with Solana to bring Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana chain next year, so it will be easy for anyone to launch a dedicated Solana node in the cloud.”

Furthermore, next year, Google Cloud will index the Solana blockchain and upload the data to Big Query in addition to providing Blockchain Node Engine support for Solana. The feature will launch in the first quarter of 2023.

The objective, according to Google Cloud, is to make historical data access simpler for the Solana developer ecosystem. Additionally, Solana’s inclusion in the blockchain node engine will significantly reduce the time required to run a Solana node, making it more accessible to more users.

On hearing the news, the value of Solana’s native token, Solana (SOL), increased. This week, SOL is up 7.8% against the US dollar.

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