First Web3 Graduation in Kenya

Web3 Clubs in partnership with BitKE have announced a NEAR blockchain project presentations and graduation ceremony in Kenya.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Leading African Web3 training initiative Web3 Clubs in partnership with BitKE have announced a NEAR blockchain project presentations and a graduation ceremony which is the first of its kind in East Africa.

30 students have successfully completed their Web3 development training with the aid of 25 certified developers. The project includes training on how to create and implement smart contracts using the NEAR protocol.

The NEAR protocol was designed with a best-of-breed approach in mind. In order to facilitate a wider acceptance of blockchain technology by current Web2 users and developers, it focuses on addressing the bottlenecks of the earlier blockchains while also improving the user experience.

The 3-month coding boot camp comes to an end on July 30, 2022, when the student developers will showcase their final projects while presenting their minimum viable product (MVPs) visions built on the NEAR protocol with a logical economic value in mind.

While expressing their merriment, the Web3 clubs team said,

“We’re so proud of our first cohort of students. We can’t wait to see them graduate and take the next step in their software development careers.”

Some of the MVPs by Web3 Clubs Graduates include SISI Community Markets, SukumaSwap, and Real Estate Management dApp.

At the ceremony, students will present their projects, explain the challenges they are solving, and celebrate the unique skills they have acquired during the boot camp.

In order to engage with like-minded tech entrepreneurs and accomplish its main goals, Web3 Clubs wants community support and buy-in for promoting the acceleration of Web3 innovation projects from a financial and commercial viewpoint.

In a statement, Web3 Clubs said:

“We’ve built an enthusiastic network of future startups through the Web3 accelerator program. The growth of these promising emerging companies can only be achieved with the help of the passionate co-investor community built in mutual understanding to help startups scale.”

Furthermore, the Web3 Clubs initiative aims to be a catalyst for Web3 adoption and acceleration in Kenya and Africa to make it simple for developers to switch from Web2 to Web3 and to offer learning resources and a comprehensive mentoring approach to help developers create tech solutions that are competitive in today’s market.

Sourced from BitKE

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