4 Startups To Pitch At The Africa Blockchain Incubation Demo Day

4 startups, 3 Zimbabwean and 1 Egyptian will be pitching to investors at the African Blockchain Incubation demo day today in Rwanda.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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The Africa Blockchain Institute takes delight in supporting initiatives that use blockchain technology to accelerate Africa’s digital transformation. With the help of their incubation program, they prepare entrepreneurs from all over the continent to employ blockchain technology to present distinctive use cases.

The institute invited entrepreneurs in Egypt and Zimbabwe to submit applications to take part in the incubator program in December 2021. Three startups from Zimbabwe and 1 from Egypt, each utilizing blockchain technology in a very different way, have advanced to the next round and will now have the opportunity to make a live pitch today to investors in Kigali, Rwanda.

The startups include;

Mint Condition, a platform for creators and instructors to mint courses, tutorials, interviews, and documentaries as NFTs. It allows collectors to learn, and then earn with the creators through a resale ecosystem built on the Blockchain. 


Tigere Housing brings housing finance to the underbanked and unbanked. This is done by merging blockchain technology and alternative credit risk assessment to generate and constantly update credit scores for its clients.

UmojaLands, a platform for data-driven lending, insurance, and market linkage for rural smallholder farmers. In other words, they help farm seekers access farmland in Zimbabwe and lenders find funding opportunities for smallholder farmers through a digital identity system.

Then there is the Egyptian Reitfast, a blockchain-based tokenization platform helping citizens to invest in selected high-revenue commercial real estate.

The incubation program is supported by the NEAR Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports innovation.

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