Liquid Cloud Joins Telesmart To Improve Customer Experience In Africa

Liquid Cloud and Telesmart have teamed up to leverage each other’s services to improve customer experience and reduce inefficiencies with automated number delivery.

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Global voice and messaging platform, Telesmart has partnered with Liquid Cloud to provide phone number inventory management services to remove the complexity of storing number inventory and accelerate how they deliver and manage them to customers. 

Liquid Cloud operates under the pan-African technology service provider known as Cassava Technologies which is present in over 20 sub-Saharan countries.  Through the partnership, Liquid will manage the entirety of its numbers across all its markets in one centralised platform. 

This eliminates the time, cost and risk of error associated with manual inventory management giving Liquid Cloud a competitive edge with maximised operational efficiency. 

According to Telesmart CEO and Co-founder, Neil Kitcher, Liquid Cloud’s expansive global reach and customer base demand digital solutions that are not only efficient but also equipped to handle such high demands. 


“This is a truly game-changing partnership for us, and we’re pleased to be expanding our footprint in Africa,” Kitcher says. 

He adds, “We echo Liquid Cloud’s sentiment that all African businesses have the right to be connected, and we’re excited and humbled to be a part of their mission.”

The platform from Telesmart.io will let Liquid Cloud provide its current and potential customers in Africa with a more comprehensive Voice solution. 

Additionally, the platform will effortlessly interface with Liquid Cloud’s current systems, enabling the business to capitalize on the continent’s expanding Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) market.

The CEO of Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security, David Behr considers the partnership with Telesmart an obvious choice as they are the leaders in global number and messaging services. 

“Our customers expect the best-in-class service from us always. Through this partnership, we are looking to increase efficiencies and provide an effortless experience to our customers,” Behr said. 

As hybrid working fast becomes more of a reality on the continent, Liquid Cloud and Telesmart are at the forefront of offering cutting-edge solutions to businesses and increasing the voice footprint inside South Africa and Africa.

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