Bitget To Empower Africans To Buy And Sell Crypto Via P2P

Bitget commences peer-to-peer trading to allow users in Africa and around the world to have more freedom over transactions.

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The leading exchange for crypto derivatives, Bitget has announced that it has started peer-to-peer (P2P) trading operations globally with merchant operations in Nigeria and South Africa. 

Africans may now exchange digital assets seamlessly with the certainty of top-notch security and asset protection. 

On the Bitget P2P trading network, customers can immediately exchange their own local money for cryptocurrencies. The Bitget P2P service allows users to buy crypto even without using a debit/credit card. 

Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is a form of cryptocurrency exchange technique that enables users to transact with one another directly without the use of a third party or middleman.


By using P2P trading, Bitget gives its users more control over who they trade with, the price, the payment method, and the time of settlement.  

The platform requires Bitget P2P Merchants to create a deal with their preferred price to trade their crypto at and publish it on the marketplace as what is called an ‚ÄúAdvertisement‚ÄĚ. When a user sees this and places a buy order the payment is made and the transaction is settled.  

Trading on the Bitget P2P Platform is open to everyone with a registered Bitget account, successful KYC verification, and binding phone number. 

On the Bitget P2P trading platform itself, there are no trading costs. However, depending on the payment method, there may be bank or wallet fees.

With over 2 million users in about 50 countries worldwide, Bitget P2P gives users around the world the flexibility to select from a variety of payment methods including PayPal, WebMoney, bank transfers, and several other e-wallets for settling payments. 

To secure transactions, the platform locks the seller’s asset as soon as the buyer puts an order. In the event of a disagreement, the Bitget Customer Support staff will step in.

The platform boasts of a stellar anti-money laundering mechanism with 24-hour customer support to help in dispute resolution. 

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