The University of Namibia To Introduce Blockchain Masters Degree

The University of Namibia plans to introduce a blockchain Master’s program to develop skills, boost knowledge and reduce misinformation.

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Enthusiasts in Africa and around the world will soon be able to officially learn about blockchain technology as the University of Namibia (UNAM) plans to introduce a Master’s program on blockchain in 2024. 

The university’s IT department head, Samuel Nuungulu said the initiative has been developed to pave the way for potential startups that could arise as learners, by helping them acquire skills from this program. 

According to UNAM’s president, the university is already “infusing” blockchain-based information into its bachelor’s programs. 

Gurvy Kavei, who recently published a book on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, is a key figure on the steering committee guiding UNAM’s Blockchain Master’s program. 

In a recent interview, Kavei confirmed that the university intends to introduce a blockchain degree. The news comes following reports that the Central Bank of Namibia is considering developing a digital currency. 

While advocates for blockchain and cryptocurrency argue that there is an urgent need for the widespread adoption of the technology, inadequate information and poor communication infrastructure have proven to be major hindrances. 

Despite the fact that Africa is heralded as the place where crypto and blockchain have a better chance of succeeding, news about crypto is dominated by scammers and thus the overall perceptions are driven by fear. 

As a Namibian educator and author, Gurvy Kavei published his blockchain book to be a valuable resource in understanding the fundamentals of the technology and to help deal with some of the misinformation.

Kavei says he wrote the book to help anyone who is interested in blockchain and crypto. Students and teachers at the University of Namibia where he teaches could be the first beneficiaries.

The book summarizes the 4th Industrial Revolution and covers key aspects of the crypto ecosystem from mining to selling cryptocurrencies as well as regulatory variations and fintech enablers that are crucial in establishing a firm footing in the new digital economy. 

Kavei is optimistic that crypto entrepreneurship is alive and hopes that the course and the book will help new entrants and existing players address some of the fundamental structural failures to enable the blockchain industry to thrive.

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