Deloitte and NYDIG partner to support banking for all with Bitcoin.

Deloitte and NYDIG have collaborated to bring Bitcoin services to companies of all sizes.

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Industry-leading audit, assurance and financial service provider,  Deloitte has announced a partnership with a technology and financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin known as NYDIG  to enable companies of all sizes to implement digital asset capabilities in their businesses.

NYDIG will collaborate with Deloitte’s blockchain and digital assets practice on a variety of bitcoin-related projects, including banking, consumer loyalty and rewards programs, employee benefits, and more.

The collaboration establishes a centralized approach for clients seeking assistance in implementing Bitcoin products and services. 

It will assist businesses in leveraging Deloitte’s multidisciplinary professional services, as well as NYDIG’s comprehensive bitcoin financial and technology products and services.


Customers are increasingly expecting their banks to act as trusted providers of financial services for bitcoin, just as they do for US dollars. The collaboration between Deloitte and NYDIG should help accelerate adoption while keeping compliance in mind.

The president of NYDIG, Yan Zhao said, “We envision a world where traditional financial infrastructure works alongside digital asset infrastructure to deliver clients a best-in-class experience with the highest standards of regulatory compliance.” 

Zhao added that the partnership has started the journey of bringing bitcoin to all by embedding bitcoin wallets into existing user experiences, powering bitcoin rewards programs, and enabling bitcoin-secured lending.

“Deloitte is the perfect collaborator to help companies take the next step to efficiently execute on these types of projects and meet customer demand with a high level of rigor,” Zhao said.

Deloitte’s digital assets banking regulatory practice lead and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Richard Rosenthal said, 

“We believe this alliance with NYDIG will further drive business growth and is another hallmark of the extensive investment Deloitte is making in enabling digital asset innovation.”

He added that the future of financial services will center around the use of digital assets, and they are focused on advising our clients on ways to engage in a regulated and compliant way.

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