Afrobubble Puts African History On Blockchain With NFT collection.

Afrobubble co-founder Venn Oputa details how the company is bringing African history into the world of Web3 with an NFT collection.

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The history of Africa is characterized by robust and captivating stories that often have contradicting accounts because of poor documentation. Let’s take a look at how Afrobubble is looking to immortalise the characters in these stories with the power of blockchain. 

Afrobubble was founded in October 2021 to bring African history into the 21st Century through a comprehensive NFT collection. 

The collection was inspired by the legend of the Nigerian Warrior Queen Amina who was one of Africa’s most revered female warriors & conquerors but until recently her story could only be found in history books. 

“We asked ourselves, ‘Who can we immortalise?’, and it was a no-brainer for Queen Amina.”  

-Afrobubble co-founder, Venn Oputa said in an interview with Techpoint Africa.

He added, “If you check her history, she is like Alexander the Great; she was this mighty queen who was conquering lands. She was even like the fundamental idea of feminism, a strong [and] empowered queen.”


In a collection with over 3000 NFTs, the story of Queen Amina and other Africa-themed characters was thus brought to life with animations similar to the popular American cartoon series known as “Samurai Jack’. 

The NFTs are available on the Solana blockchain and are priced differently depending on the rarity of the characters used. 

The Afrobubble team intends for these NFTs to spark an interest in African historical characters for the generation(s) that are involved in Web3 to be able to learn more about African cultural heroes. 

“We want people to know this character when they’re going through history, even on the blockchain. We want them to be like, ‘Oh, who was Queen Amina?’ We have a rendition of Queen Amina. But they will be like, ‘Oh, let’s go and search for her’, and that will lead to so much more,” Oputa says. 

Oputa also explained that the collection is a marketing strategy to get more brands and individuals into the NFT space, creating an infrastructure that shows the benefits of creating value with NFTs. 

The collection is the first step for Afrobubble to realize its objective of creating an African NFT marketplace with the infrastructure to help other artists, brands, and businesses create NFT collections easily.

For Oputa, community building is the most exciting part of creating this collection and a significant part of the profits will go towards bringing more players into the space.

The collection is working with popular Nigerian artiste, Bad Boy Timz, helping him onboard his community in the NFT space.

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