Paris 2024 Olympic Games Will Reportedly Use Blockchain Ticketing

The French Olympic Committee is planning to employ a blockchain ticketing system that will give fans non-transferable, personalized tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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The French Olympic Committee is planning to deploy a blockchain ticketing system for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The committee intends to give fans a non-transferable, personalized blockchain ticketing system.

In addition, the committee also suggested improved safety procedures to avoid the catastrophe that occurred during the Champions League Final last month.

Last week, a strong response against the planning of the Liverpool and Real Madrid matches resulted from the submission of the 30-page study with recommendations to the Prime Minister’s office.

The report was presented by Michel Cadot, the interministerial delegate for the French Olympics, according to a news source named the Ticketing Business News. The necessary changes for the 2024 Olympic Games were included in the report.

According to the research, each significant sporting event held in France should have a personalized and secure ticketing system in place. The paper also emphasized how blockchain ticketing can give fans more security. Non-transferable tickets will be issued and distributed by the organization a few days before the Olympics commence.

The ticket can also be registered using a rotating QR code that will be deactivated immediately after the ticket holder has entered the venue. Ticket personalization might also enable ticket holders to get interactive messaging about transportation, security, and venue entry via digital channels.

“These provisions are already planned for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Olympics and Paralympics 2024 and practiced by major events such as the French International Tennis,” Cadot said.

In addition, Cadot pressed for the establishment of a national body to regulate significant international sporting events. According to Cadot, doing so would “bridge the gap between the global dimension and local management.”

Much as the Tokyo Olympics already used crypto with champions receiving cryptocurrency rewards through the Bitbns exchange, putting these adjustments in place would also result in a major heads-up for blockchain technology. 

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