South African radio presenter accused of bitcoin fraud threatens legal action

Thobela FM radio presenter, Sebasa Mgale has vowed to sue those who reported him and has denied committing Bitcoin fraud.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Last month, the South African radio presenter on Thobela FM, Sebasa Mogale was accused of involvement in a crypto scam that saw over 100 people fall victim. A regional police spokesperson also confirmed that he has indeed received complaints from individuals claiming to be victims of the presenter’s scam.

One report states that five fraud cases were opened against Mogale. Investigations are ongoing and according to the report, after the probe has been completed, Mogale will turn the cases over to a senior prosecutor who will decide the next step.

However, according to the radio presenter’s legal representative, Lesedi Mphahlele, Mogale, the accused did not receive any money from anybody.

Mphahlele also responded to the allegations against Mogale by stating that the allegations were false and were damaging Mogale’s reputation. Mphahlele added:

“I think it’s a matter of people not understanding how the business operates Bitcoin. Mogale did nothing but market. Everyone is challenged to produce proof of payments showing that money went into either his personal or business account.”

Mphahlele admitted that fraud cases had been filed against Mogale but there isn’t any evidence because he has never committed fraud.

Although Mogale acknowledges being a network marketer, he denies pressuring anyone to sign up for the cryptocurrency investment scheme. Mogale added that he never pretended to be an expert in cryptocurrencies or the proprietor of any cryptocurrency company and he vowed to sue those that reported him.

The radio host believes that everybody who has signed up for his Bitcoin Investment Scheme would have access to all of their monies, despite the fact that his victims have collectively claimed losses totaling more than $50,000.

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