Africa to honour promising startups at 1st Global Startup Awards Africa Summit.

The Global Innovation Initiative Group is to host Africa’s first Global Startup Awards Summit to exhibit and honour the continent’s most promising innovators.

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Cape Town is to host the first-ever Global Startup Awards Africa Summit taking place on the 14th and 15th of June. The event is to be held by the Global Innovation Initiative Group (GIIG) as a culmination of 6 months of research into technological breakthroughs happening in Africa.

Various sectors of the value chain, from government and banks to corporations and educational institutions, will converge to discuss advancements including the rapid growth of blockchain across the continent, with the aim of finding Africa’s most promising innovators.

In the 6 months leading up to the event, there has been extensive and rigorous research, networking and collaborations across the globe to shine a light on African innovations that can accelerate the economic growth of the continent. 

African innovators, thought-leaders and decision-makers will have access to the most comprehensive network of key industry experts that will leapfrog African innovation in line with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).


Industry leaders such as Ian Putter, Head of the Blockchain Centre of Excellence at Standard Bank Group and Regional Director of the Blockchain Research Institute Africa, will share their insights on unlocking Africa’s growth and opportunities through blockchain and digital assets.

The event is open to startups from all 55 countries and entrants will be divided by region i.e. North, East, West, South and Central regions to identify solutions in multiple categories with a focus on financial inclusion, HealthTech, AgriTech, Fintech, renewable energy, sustainability and women-in-tech. 

These startups will have the opportunity to present to and workshop with industry experts, corporates, policymakers, and institutions and universities. Stellenbosch University, for example, is seeking to collaborate and invest in SDG-aligned technologies from Africa. 

Professor Madelein Kleyn, Director of Technology Transfer at Stellenbosch University, will be at the event to discuss how policymakers across the continent are adapting Intellectual Property (IP) strategies to promote innovation and increase the competitiveness and sustainability of African businesses in the global market.

The Global Startup Awards Africa Summit aims to give all attendees access to a network of innovators, world-leading organizations and decision-makers involved in innovating for Africa’s sustainability. 

Through these discussions about blockchain, intellectual property, the future of funding and gender-lens investing, global market access and partnerships, and megatrends, the organizers hope to harness Africa’s potential and attract investment for the ecosystem to grow and scale. 

Visit the Global Startup Awards website here for more details. 

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