3air has launched an Africa-focused NFT marketplace

3air has launched an African-focused NFT marketplace for creatives to display their work and connect with other artists around the globe.

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3air, a blockchain platform, recently announced the launch of its NFT marketplace for Africa. The marketplace, which is part of the 3air platform, features African Artists’ creations.

The marketplace’s purpose is to give African artists a platform to display their work and connect with collectors and fans all around the world.

The buyer mints and transactions are conducted in Binance USD (BUSD), making it simple for consumers to acquire and exchange their favorite artworks.

Artists from all around Africa can list their NFTs for free on the recently launched 3air marketplace. While NFTs will be issued on the Binance Smart Chain, they will all be cross-chain compatible, in line with 3air’s vision of a multichain future.

3air’s objective to empower African artists and help them gain exposure for their work is reflected in the establishment of the NFT marketplace.

Given the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies on the African continent, 3air is on a mission to empower millions of people in African countries through blockchain.

The 3air app and marketplace are available at https://app.3air.io/ and it is also compatible with Metamask and Wallet Connect compatible wallets such as Ledger hardware wallets.

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