Should You Trade in Tether? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Tether is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, which is tied to another asset such as the US Dollar.

By Anna B Kiwanuka

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Tether is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, which is tied to another asset such as the US Dollar.1 Tether is designed to be worth $1. It is one of the most popular kinds of digitized currencies in the financial markets. A company called Tether Limited controls Tether and is responsible for managing the Tether supply, keeping reserves to back the Tether tokens it issues, and maintaining a stable price.

Due to  its highly volatile nature, Tether is very unpredictable. It made its debut in the financial investment industry as a Real coin in 2014, but it was the first token to be launched on the Cryptocurrency scene in 2015. More specifically, this particular cryptocurrency has a long list of reputable developers, with Brock Pierce at the top of the list.

Should you buyTether

Despite the emergence of challengers throughout time, based on certain important parameters, it can be stated that Tether would be the biggest stablecoin and is frequently used for transactions, borrowing, and generating payments. 

When planning to invest in Tether, you should note that it is available on most main bitcoin exchanges. For the most part, Tether has maintained a price of $1. Even when the price has fluctuated, it has corrected back to $1 fairly quickly. Tether Limited has had its share of controversies and some have caused its price to drop as low as $0.90. Conversely, when cryptocurrency prices are falling, demand for stablecoins can rise and push up Tether’s price.

Stability, alone, doesn’t define a good investment. In fact, investors need their assets to appreciate in value so that they can make profits. 

On the flip side, Tether may be considered one of the weaker digital currencies owing to its disclosure difficulties, while it is highly substantial in the bitcoin market.

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